Vintage Vibes

A 600 sq ft Charleston Home filled with Vintage Decor

Emily Sermons welcomes us inside her charming and timeless 600 square foot home in Charleston, South Carolina.

An Atlanta native, Emily Sermons discovered an unexpected love affair with the southern charm of Charleston during her frequent visits with her partner, Jay. The allure of the city's rich history, captivating architecture, and cultural tapestry led them to purchase a 610 square foot home in the heart of the city.

Originally a 1920’s hotel, Emily's home is a celebration of vintage and antique finds. Inside you’ll find brass finishes, warm wood tones, artwork from local artists, classic green striped wallpaper and subtle nods to mythology with marble busts that echo Emily's deep appreciation for storytelling. For Emily, decorating isn’t just a personal endeavor; it's an opportunity for collaboration with Jay. Their synergy is evident in every element, especially their passion for literature which is seamlessly woven into the fabrics of their home, as first edition copies of beloved classics adorn every ledge.

Emily’s home is a space where functionality meets aesthetics, reflecting her keen eye for design honed through Shoebox Designs, an online community she launched in 2021. As a product manager at Adobe, Emily craved a creative outlet, and Shoebox Designs emerged as the answer. This virtual haven empowers enthusiasts to embrace the magic of vintage and antique decor, proving that style knows no size constraints. Enjoy!


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