Small Spaces

A Charming 400 sq ft Studio Apartment in New York City That Feels Like An Urban Cottage

Welcome to the cozy the charming 400 sqft studio apartment of freelance writer and content creator Claudia Williams.

While searching for the perfect apartment during her time abroad in England, Claudia stumbled upon this gem and immediately knew it was meant to be hers. With amazing wood details throughout and a showstopping mirror that reflects light beautifully against tall ceilings, Claudia's space exudes warmth and character. Her style, described as traditional eclectic, is a curated blend of intentional clutter, featuring items collected from garage sales, Facebook Marketplace, and her travels, along with cherished family heirlooms.

Inspired by the English countryside, Claudia's color palette boasts muted tones and playful prints that create a cozy and inviting atmosphere that she shares with her cat, Stanley.