Vintage Vibes

Inside Color Consultant Fiona de Lys’ London Cottage

Color consultant Fiona de Lys takes us inside her eclectic and beautifully layered Georgian cottage in London.

Steeped in history, Fiona embarked on a rejuvenating renovation of her 18th century Georgian cottage. With a passion for storytelling through design, Fiona's home not only perfects the art of balancing rugged charm with refined elegance, but also effortlessly reflects her English and Italian heritage.

In Fiona's sitting room, the verdant hues of English woodlands come to life, casting a tranquil spell on visitors. Rich, solid greens evoke the dappled sunlight filtering through leaves, fostering a deep connection to nature. Meanwhile, the dining room transports guests to Fiona's cherished childhood summers in Sardinia and Liguria, where terracotta and pinky orange tones pay homage to Mediterranean landscapes and family memories.

Throughout the home, Fiona's expertise as a color specialist shines, effortlessly harmonizing drama with simplicity. Every room unfolds like a chapter in a captivating novel, where art and antiques mingle to create a timeless and deeply personal atmosphere. Enjoy!