Vintage Vibes

A Colorful & Eccentric Victorian Home in Oxford, England

Annie Sloan, a renowned interior designer, fine artist, decorative painter, and the inventor of Chalk Paint, invites us into her colorful Victorian home in Oxford, England.

Widely considered one of the world’s leading authorities on paint, color, and style, Annie’s home is a true reflection of her creative spirit and multicultural heritage. The Victorian house, slightly renovated, is a canvas of bold colors and eclectic decor. Each room tells a story of Annie's life, from her childhood and travels to her passion for cultural eclecticism. The home is adorned with inherited furniture, treasures from her journeys, and unique finds from reclamation yards.

Annie’s playful approach to decor is organic and embraces a sense of clutter and untidiness that adds to the home's charm. Many of the vibrant pieces and decor items are crafted by Annie herself, showcasing her extraordinary talent and love for design.