Vintage Vibes

A Cozy & Eclectic Bungalow in New Jersey

Accessories and apparel designer Alana Oates takes us inside her darling 100-year old home in Haddon Heights, New Jersey.

Built in 1912, Alana and her husband have spent the past ten years renovating their enchanting Edwardian bungalow in Haddon Heights, New Jersey. Alana's commitment to honoring the essence of the home's heritage and passion for preserving its architectural authenticity is evident in every carefully chosen detail.

As the founder of llani, a renowned accessories and apparel brand, Alana effortlessly translates her keen sense of style into her living space. The interiors reflect a harmonious blend of eclectic elements and contemporary influences, creating a unique aesthetic that is both timeless and refreshingly modern. A globetrotter at heart, Alana's travels to India have left an indelible mark on her home. The space is adorned with an array of souvenirs, each telling a story and adding a vibrant touch to the overall decor. Enjoy!