Beach Homes

A Nancy Meyers-Inspired Home in California

Welcome to the bright and airy home of Camille and Marco Meza-Ruiz as they invite us into their charming Cardiff-by-the-Sea home in California.

Camille and Marco, college sweethearts, share their beautiful space with their beloved dog Zuri. Known for their love of family, beach days, and hosting friends for cookbook club gatherings, their home reflects a perfect blend of comfort and style. Camille, an interior designer, who has lived across the east coast and midwest before settling in Southern California, brings a unique fusion of classic east coast elegance and laid-back California feel to their home. With her background in engineering complementing her creativity, Camille's design approach is both practical and inspiring.

Meanwhile, Marco's passion for design and construction infuses their home with timeless beauty and functionality. For Marco, every space has the potential to inspire and uplift, encouraging people to live their best lives.