High Design

A Traditional and Eclectic Mississippi Home

Interior designers Erik Kegler and Brennan Hovell take us inside their fabulous 1950's ranch home in Jackson, Mississippi.

As only the second owners of this 1950’s ranch home, Erik and Brennan have spent the last decade infusing their personalities and style into every nook and cranny. The pair have fused traditional elements with an eclectic flair, paying homage to the home's original architecture while adding their own vibrant touch. Prepare to be delighted by a kaleidoscope of color, playful patterns, and sumptuous textures that adorn the interiors, reflecting the couple's bold and adventurous spirit.

Erik and Brennan are avid collectors, and their home serves as a gallery of their storied treasures. From vintage finds to quirky curiosities, each piece has a story to tell and adds to the home's undeniable charm. Enjoy!