Vintage Vibes

A Traditional Bungalow with Southern Details in Charlotte, North Carolina

Interior designer Cheryl Luckett purchased her charming bungalow in 2007 and has transformed it into a sanctuary that beautifully reflects her design journey. Initially a registered dietitian with a passion for DIY projects, Cheryl's home has served as a personal laboratory where her skills evolved, leading to the creation of her interior design business, Dwell by Cheryl.

Cheryl's design style, which she describes as "Afro-Southern," is a vibrant blend of tradition, heritage, and history. Inside her bungalow, you'll find a harmonious mix of antiques and vintage pieces, layered with textures and textiles that celebrate her African roots. This global influence is artfully juxtaposed with traditional decor, creating a space that feels deeply personal and inviting.


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