An Eclectic Home Overlooking a Fisherman’s Village in Mallorca, Spain

Step inside decorator Amanda Pickett's enchanting three-story residence in the heart of Deià, a picturesque old fisherman's village in Mallorca, Spain.

Nestled between the stunning sea and majestic mountains – both of which can be seen from the sunlit terrace – Amanda's home is a true reflection of her maximalist approach and deep appreciation for "faded grandeur." Raised by antique restorers, she developed a profound affinity for exquisite, time-worn treasures from a young age.

Her home, a vibrant tapestry of history and character, showcases her unique artistic spirit — filled with layers of sumptuous fabrics and eclectic antiques. Every corner of her charming home tells a story of global adventures and local finds, making it a living gallery of her life's passions.