Hosting at Home

Eric Lysdahl and Philip Norkeliunas Host a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Eric Lysdahl and Philip Norkeliunas prepare for a Mad Hatter-themed Tea Party at their home in Tewksbury, New Jersey.

On today's special episode of Homeworthy, we're bringing you back to the bucolic town of Tewksbury, New Jersey where two of our favorite hosts , Eric Lysdahl and Philip Norkelinuas, show us how to throw the ultimate afternoon soiree. They're hosting a Mad Hatter's themed luncheon for 30 guests in celebration of the Lenox Hill Neighborhood House Spring Gala and show us how they prepare -- from the food, to the table decor to the costumes. So join us in the festivities as Eric and Philip pull off a fabulous party in just 3 hours. You won't want to miss this!

Lenox Hill Neighborhood House is a multi-service, community-based organization that serves people in need on the East Side of Manhattan and on Roosevelt Island. Visit their website to learn more.