City Living

Family of Five Maximizes Life in a 600 sq ft New York City Apartment

Blogger Heather Summers and her husband Michael take us inside their charming 600 sqft apartment that they share with their three daughters, on the Upper East Side, New York.

Heather and Michael, along with their daughters, moved from California to New York City when Michael started law school. Although they found their apartment on a whim, they quickly fell in love with its two bedrooms and cozy atmosphere. Functionality is key in this compact space, and Heather has masterfully created a light and airy feel to avoid any sense of clutter. Clever storage solutions are seamlessly integrated, making the most of every inch.

This small space has not only been a design challenge but also a bonding experience for the family. The Summers know this won’t be their forever home, but the intimacy of living in close quarters has brought them closer together. Heather's skillful blend of practicality and aesthetic charm transforms their apartment into a delightful and efficient haven.