Founder of Artemis Design Co. Gives Us A Tour of Her Textile-Filled Massachusetts Home

Milicent Armstrong came up with the idea for Artemis Design Co. after traveling to Istanbul in 2007 and falling in love with Kilim carpet bags and Kilim shoes. What is Kilim, you ask? It's a beautiful tapestry-woven rug or other textile with geometric designs in rich, brilliant colors. Several years after this trip, while attending Interior Design school, she went back to Istanbul and began production on her first run of products. And voila--Artemis Design Co. was born! The brand has garnered the attention of The New York Times, Vogue and Town & Country (as well as others) and has also gained a cult following among world-renowned interior designers and magazine editors. Milicent is effortlessly chic and has an innate sense of style so it's no wonder she has designed a beautiful home for her family in Massachusetts with lots of layers, colors and prints!