Inside a Modern Dallas Home Inspired by Palm Springs

Architect Eddie Maestri takes us inside his beautiful ranch-style home with touches of old Hollywood glamor in Dallas, Texas.

Eddie Maestri fell head over heels for this architectural gem when he saw it for the first time. Designed by local Dallas architect Raymond Lambert in 1971, the home has only had two previous owners – a testament to its enduring charm and exceptional preservation. A nod to the past is found in the original chrome and brass railings, which gracefully guide you through this timeless abode. The original terrazzo flooring bathes the space in a radiant glow, harmoniously reflecting the abundant natural light that dances through tall ceilings. Eddie's commitment to preserving history led him to connect with the previous owner's daughter, unraveling the rich tapestry of the home's heritage.

Inspired by a desire to curate a space that feels both collected and eclectic, Eddie embarked on a journey to seamlessly fuse the home's original integrity with modern panache. Gaudy wall sconces and grass cloth wallpaper lend a touch of drama, while an exceptional outdoor area beckons with a pool, terraces, and bold graphic floor tiles reminiscent of old Hollywood glamor. The patina and history of Eddie’s hometown, New Orleans, become integral components, adding layers of character to every room. Enjoy!