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Inside Gorgeous Villas in Sicily, Italy

Homeworthy's founder Alison Kenworthy and her family make themselves at home in two of Sicily's most extraordinary villas, Don Arcangelo All'Olmo and Rocca Delle Tre Contrade. Special thanks to The Thinking Traveler for hosting Homeworthy for this extraordinary vacation episode which features Don Arcangelo All'Olmo and Rocca Delle Tre Contrade

Some say there’s no place like home. But when you’re sunning by the pool surrounded by a lemon orchard, Mediterranean garden, and 400-year-old estate, the truth is, there’s no place like a home away from home! In our newest series, Alison and her family will be opening the doors to the world’s most extraordinary vacation villas and hotels.

This season, we’ll take you on the road to our favorite sanctuaries in Jamaica, Switzerland, Italy and California. We’re starting in the heart of the Mediterranean…in Sicily.

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