Vintage Vibes

Step Inside a Classical Home in London

Lucas Rufin, a self-taught designer and founder of Caligula Supernova Interiors, gives us a tour of his stunning flat filled with timeless charm in Bloomsbury, London.

A former costume designer, Lucas moved from Normandy, France to Britain during the pandemic. With his self-taught design expertise, Lucas transformed his 1820’s flat into a captivating home that blends history with modern flair. Drawing inspiration from his theatrical roots, Lucas brings a unique perspective to his home decor. Rather than succumbing to the temptation of a complete renovation, he convinced the previous owner to preserve the flat's inherent charm. The result is a harmonious marriage of Continental and British influences that gracefully coexist within the confines of the 1820s structure.

Adorned with 17th-century Italian paintings and salvaged parquet flooring, every corner of Lucas's flat tells a story. Clever storage solutions seamlessly integrated into the design showcase his commitment to both functionality and aesthetics. His love for objects with a rich history is evident, with an antique china tea set proudly displayed. Gentry items, such as his beautiful antique tapestry depicting a scene from Don Quixote, are scattered throughout, creating an ambiance that transcends time. The result is a visual feast that celebrates the marriage of classical and eclectic elements, epitomizing Lucas's personal style. Enjoy!