Vintage Vibes

Step Inside a Cozy Home in Richmond, Virginia

Textile designer and fiber artist Sarah Gibson Wiley takes us for a tour of her 1960’s ranch in Richmond, Virginia.

Sarah Gibson Wiley welcomes us into her beautifully curated ranch house nestled in the heart of Richmond, VA. As a former interior designer with an impressive 28-year career, Sarah seamlessly weaves her expertise into every corner of her home. The walls echo with the laughter of family memories and are adorned with a gallery of cherished artwork, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that feels like a hug from the past.

What sets Sarah's home apart is her unique ability to transform her love for interior design into exquisite textile art. Watch as she shares how her artistic eye translates into the intricate designs of the pillows she crafts using carefully curated interior design fabrics. Each pillow becomes a canvas, a reflection of her favorite rooms and spaces, immortalized in fabric.

Sarah's attention to detail and commitment to timeless elegance shine through in every corner, creating a harmonious balance between nostalgia and modernity. The influence of her great grandfather, the renowned illustrator Charles Dana Gibson, is recognizable in the subtle nuances of Sarah’s design choices. His artistic legacy breathes life into the home, creating a seamless connection between generations and a celebration of the enduring power of creativity. Enjoy!


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