DIY Decor

The Most Colorful Home in London

Age is but a number for the indomitable 80-year-old artist and former cookbook author, Sue Kreitzman. Her personal motto, "Don't wear beige, it might kill you," is more than just a catchphrase – it's a way of life. Nestled in the heart of London's eclectic East End, Sue's art-filled flat is a breathtaking testament to her unwavering commitment to color and creativity.

Walking through Sue's living space is akin to stepping into a kaleidoscope of emotions and expression. Every room bursts with life, from the fiery reds to the electrifying pinks that adorn her walls. No inch of her home is spared from the artistic reverie; Sue's original embellished paintings, folk art treasures, neck shrines, goddess phones, and busts adorned with jewels and found objects blend seamlessly to create a symphony of visual delight.

Sue Kreitzman's home is more than a dwelling; it's a sanctuary for self-expression. Her maximalist approach to design serves as a vibrant reminder to stay true to one's unique artistic vision. In a world where conformity often takes center stage, Sue's East End oasis is a refreshing oasis of authenticity and teaches us the ultimate lesson: to embrace color, creativity, and individuality with unwavering devotion.