High Design

Interior Designer Philip Vergeylen’s Chic and Refined London Flat

Renowned interior designer Philip Vergeylen takes us inside the London apartment he has shared for 20 years with his partner, Paolo Moschino.

Philip and Paolo have shared their dynamic London apartment since 2003, continually transforming its ambiance. Amidst the changes, one constant endures: a mutual appreciation for elegant and refined interior design. Their home is adorned with diverse collections, ranging from inkwells to literary treasures, seamlessly transitioning from one area to another. Magnificent panelings accentuate the apartment's lofty ceilings, while playful mirrors add a touch of whimsy. Vibrant hues harmonize with soft creams, creating a striking contrast, while modern elements seamlessly integrate with timeless antiques, breathing new life into traditional aesthetics.

Paolo Moschino Ltd was established in 1995 by Paolo Moschino. After settling in London, Philip Vergeylen met Paolo and started to help him with some interior design projects. Twelve years ago, Philip joined the company. Today Paolo and Philip run the business together. Paolo oversees all showrooms and our growing collections of fabrics, lighting, and furniture as well as its international distributors. Philip heads up the Design Studio, he oversees numerous residential, hospitality and commercial projects around the world.