City Living

A Colorful and Maximalist 700 sq ft Home in Chicago

Curtis and Danielle Taylor take us inside their maximalist and considered 700 sq-ft apartment in Chicago.

Curtis, a visionary writer and director, and Danielle, a sustainability marketing executive, realized the profound impact a curated space can have on one's well-being when they moved into their apartment during the pandemic. Since then, the couple has navigated through different interior styles before settling into the lush embrace of maximalism. The evolution of their design has seamlessly woven the duality of sustainability and culture into every corner of their 700 sq-foot home.

Curtis and Danielle believe in creating a space that not only reflects their personalities but also invites a sense of belonging and permanence. Using renter-friendly designs and DIY projects created an opportunity for the couple to transform their apartment into a haven that feels like a forever home. Inside you’ll find vibrant wallpapers, funky decor accents and personal heirlooms that preserve tales of history, resilience and honor their ancestors. Enjoy!