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A Colorful & Chic Home in Palm Beach

Cece and Nick Bowman take us inside their incredibly charming guest house in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Cece, a seasoned decorator with 13 years of experience at Kemble Interiors, and her husband Nick, had a vision beyond mere aesthetics when they acquired the property adjacent to their home. Their aim was twofold: to fashion an inviting space for entertaining and to provide their growing family of five with a sanctuary for creativity and joy.

Originally cloaked in outdated blue carpet, concealing its original terrazzo floors, the guest house demanded a complete overhaul. The result is nothing short of spectacular—a vibrant symphony of colors, textures, and playful accents that exude a sense of laid-back luxury. Each room beckons with its own distinct charm, from the sunlit living areas adorned with plush furnishings and captivating artwork, to the cozy bedrooms enveloped in crisp linens and whimsical details.

But perhaps what makes this home tour truly special is the palpable sense of joy and warmth that radiates from Cece and Nick as they share their passion for design and family life. Their love for this space is infectious. Enjoy!