High Design

A Colorful & Maximalist Farmhouse in Delhi, India

Textile designer Peter D’Ascoli invites us inside his incredible farmhouse, Lal Kothi, in Delhi, India.

Peter's love affair with graphics and color, cultivated through his studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan, has blossomed into a sensory feast within the walls of his remarkable farmhouse.

As you step into Lal Kothi, be prepared to be enveloped by textiles that adorn every inch of space, creating a maximalist symphony of patterns ranging from paisley to traditional chinoiserie. Peter's passion for color takes center stage, with each room boasting a vibrant palette that transitions seamlessly from bold yellows to tranquil pinks, creating an atmosphere of enchantment.

Art becomes an integral part of the narrative as we explore each corner of the house. Handprinted tiles, cherished artwork from Peter's children, and treasures collected from his extensive travels grace the walls, telling stories of a life rich in experiences and creativity.

The farmhouse, constructed in the 1980s by an extended member of the Royal family, is an architectural gem made of red sandstone. It serves as a serene retreat from the bustling energy of Delhi. Lal Kothi’s surrounding grounds are nothing short of stunning, set against the backdrop of a magnificent mango orchard. Enjoy!