Oceanside Living

A Cozy and Chic Beach Cottage in California

Interior designer Leslie Martin takes us inside her quintessential beach cottage in La Jolla, California.

Despite its smaller size, Leslie has ingeniously transformed her space into a haven for her family of seven. She shares how she navigated the challenges of renovating the house from afar, infusing it with the warmth and energy that captivated her from the very first visit. Leslie added trim and shiplap details to evoke a genuine beach cottage feel. The kitchen, a hub of activity for any family, showcases exquisite stone work that not only adds a touch of age but also seamlessly blends with the overall aesthetic.

Leslie's unique touch is evident throughout the home, with shell-encrusted decor and patterns adorning various corners, echoing the coastal vibes of La Jolla. She's made the most of the limited space, creating an environment that not only accommodates her large family but radiates charm and authenticity. Enjoy!


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