Oceanside Living

A Light & Airy Beach Home in La Jolla, California

Former retail executive Patrick Wade takes us inside his gorgeous beach home in La Jolla, California.

In this modern three-level haven, Patrick and his husband, Dave, have seamlessly blended their personal touch with the home's existing charm. Having completely redone the residence almost four years ago, the couple's influence is evident in the vibrant coastal ambiance that now graces every corner. Patrick, with his relaxed and laid-back design approach, has successfully transformed the space into a simple, clean, and bright sanctuary.

As the proud owner of the local home decor boutique, Mood Indigo, Patrick brings nearly 30 years of retail expertise, having contributed to the visual merchandising and product development for renowned brands like GAP and Williams Sonoma. This wealth of experience is reflected in his home's decor, where beauty meets functionality.

The aesthetic is a masterful mix of neutrals, with pops of color introduced through carefully curated accessories. Patrick's aversion to anything too stuffy is evident, as the home radiates an inviting atmosphere that beckons you to relax and unwind. Enjoy!