High Design

A Georgia Cottage Bursting with Color

Gallerist Gregg Irby brings us inside her beautiful English Tudor-style cottage in Atlanta, Georgia.

Gregg unexpectedly fell in love with her dream home and transformed it into a masterpiece that seamlessly blends Southern charm with artistic elegance. From the moment she set foot in this charming 1930’s cottage, she knew it was something special – leading her to put in an offer on the very same afternoon of her first visit.

Though a renovation project, the home boasted great bones that Gregg saw nothing but potential in. Steeped in family history, the decor of the home holds a special place in Gregg's heart, featuring treasures passed down from her great grandmother. As we traverse through the rooms, you'll discover a seamless fusion of heritage and modernity, where every piece of furniture and art tells a unique story. Gregg’s love for chinoiserie is evident in every corner, adding a touch of timeless sophistication to the aesthetic. It's a celebration of art and culture, a reflection of her journey from growing up in South Carolina, where she witnessed her artist mother bring canvases to life. Today, as an art gallery owner representing talents from the US and beyond, Gregg's home is a living canvas itself—an embodiment of her keen eye for color, appreciation for intricate wallpaper, and an unbridled passion for art. Enjoy!


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