Photography: Trevor Parker
High Design

A Lively Loft in a Renovated Wonder Bread Factory

Interior designer Samantha Stathis-Lynch and her husband take us inside their stunning home in a former Wonder Bread factory in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Samantha and her husband have transformed their Hoboken residence into a reflection of their unique style. Nestled in the historic Wonder Bread factory, their home masterfully blends old and new, traditional and modern. Samantha’s eclectic approach is evident in every corner, where vintage treasures sit alongside contemporary pieces, creating a harmonious environment.

Every room in this home tells a story, showcasing Samantha’s talent for mixing different design elements to create a cohesive yet dynamic space. From the industrial charm of the factory's original architecture to the carefully curated decor, you'll find a delightful interplay of textures, colors, and styles that speak to the couple's creative vision.


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