High Design

A Stunning Oasis in the Moroccan Desert

On today’s episode of Homeworthy, we’re bringing you to Marrakech, Morocco for an exclusive look inside Carmen Haid’s desert oasis. After an illustrious career working alongside Saint Laurent, Carmen founded ATELIER MAYER, a platform that globally sources exceptional decor with a contemporary edge. She has been traveling to Morocco for the past 30 years, and her home is a complete reflection of her love for bespoke design and sustainability.

Being completely exposed to nature offers a great sense of tranquility and rejuvenation for Carmen. In addition to celebrating hand craftsmanship and tradition by working with local artisans to create beautiful designs, Carmen is also an incredible advocate for environmentally-friendly living. Her approach to curating her home has been largely driven by sustainability. Powered by solar panels, Carmen prioritizes using raw and local materials to minimize her carbon footprint. Enjoy!