Photography: Pär Bengtsson
Garden Glamour

An Eclectic Dallas Home with Beautiful Sculptural Gardens

Renowned landscape architect Robert Bellamy gives us a tour of his eccentric home and gardens in Dallas, Texas.

Nestled on this property for four decades, Robert’s home is a testament to a lifetime of artistic expression and a unique blend of architectural influences. Before calling his industrial-style loft home, Bellamy resided in what he affectionately refers to as the "Garden Home," a smaller dwelling on the same property. His creative journey is evident throughout the property, showcasing his love for incorporating a delightful sense of humor into his designs.

The windows, conceptualized as building blocks, are the very foundation of this open-concept masterpiece, as mosaic details, mosaic details, funky artwork, and stained glass windows add bursts of color and character to every corner. The visual stone work detailing throughout the compound further enhances the uniqueness of each space, creating a harmonious blend of art and architecture. Venture into the outdoor spaces and discover a sculpture haven crafted from architectural scraps and found objects. Robert's ingenuity extends beyond the confines of the home, manifesting in the creation of an outdoor room and dining area that redefine alfresco living. Enjoy!