Garden Glamour

Inside The Famous Grey Gardens with Liz Lange

Liz Lange, entrepreneur and CEO of women's fashion line Figue, welcomes us inside one of the most iconic estates in New York -- Grey Gardens.

The storied halls of Grey Gardens, once inhabited by Big and Little Edie Beale — relatives of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis — was immortalized in the 1975 Maysles Brothers' documentary. The Beales lived in Grey Gardens amidst remarkable squalor, a poignant contrast to their aristocratic heritage. In a state of near ruin, the house was saved and lovingly restored by the late Ben Bradlee and his wife, Sally Quinn.

Now, Liz Lange and her husband have breathed new life into this historic home, preserving its unique charm and flow while modernizing it for contemporary living since they bought it in 2017. And today on Homeworthy, she’s touring us through the remarkable property while sharing insights into the meticulous and extensive restoration process.

The gardens of Grey Gardens, revived by landscape architect Deborah Nevins, blend new plantings with the restoration of historic elements – including the enchanting walled garden, pergola, and thatched garden hut – to enhance the property’s magical atmosphere and offer serene outdoor living spaces that honor its storied past.