Photography: Eleanor Bates
City Living

Bohemian Brilliance in a Renovated NoHo Loft

Artist and interior designer Marika Wagle is hip... like, really hip. (Before taking the plunge to follow her artistic passions, she was even an exec at that hippest of shoe labels, Jimmy Choo!)  One thing in life has always been her constant: an effortless and eclectic, textured style.

What does that mean?  That her former apartment was (of course) featured in "The New Bohemians: Cool and Collected Homes" - and that when she first saw her current NoHo home, she was able to see past its lack of light and shabby finishes to the light-filled artist's loft she has created, finished off with treasures from her travels to India, France, Mexico, and more!

She's opened it up exclusively for Homeworthy to take a peek around.