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Floral and Event Designer Lewis Miller Takes Us Inside His Hemingway-Inspired Home in Palm Beach

Renowned floral and event designer Lewis Miller takes us inside his beautiful 1925 Spanish Mediterranean home in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Lewis fell in love with this 1925 Spanish Mediterranean home instantly in 2021, and purchased it sight unseen. During the renovation process, Miller was inspired by the timeless allure of Hemingway's aesthetic. His vision for the space was centered on curating a harmonious blend of classic allure and whimsical charm. From rich mustard yellows to warm tobacco browns, the palette exudes a refined masculinity while embracing a playful spirit of color and pattern. Prepare to become charmed by the stories woven into every detail, as bold patterns dance alongside delicate blooms to create an atmosphere that is both inviting and inspiring.

Lewis Miller Design is a floral and event designer with offices based in New York and Palm Beach. Lewis is the mastermind behind FLOWER FLASH, series of pop-up street installations throughout New York City created for the sole purpose of sparking joy.

Purchase Lewis' book, FLOWER FLASH, here.