High Design

Inside a Bohemian Chic Home in Bali, Indonesia

Step inside the enchanting home of Francesca Messina, who lives on an artist compound created by two visionary Italian architects, in Bali, Indonesia. This development was one of the first to grace the neighborhood -- leaving an indelible mark on the cultural landscape.

Having spent 20 years traveling to and living in Bali, Francesca's connection to the island runs deep. Stepping into her world, you'll witness the fusion of tradition and modernity as she takes us through her recently acquired home, a labor of love that is still evolving seven months into the journey.

The house itself is a testament to Balinese tradition, featuring volcanic stone that grounds the structure in the island's unique geology. Immerse yourself in the seamless blend of outdoor and indoor living spaces, a design philosophy that captures the essence of Bali's tropical beauty.

Francesca's home is a canvas of eclectic and avant-garde decor, creating an elevated boho aesthetic that resonates throughout. Witness contemporary designs harmonizing with the old-world charm of the backdrop, a testament to Francesca's keen eye for design and her commitment to pushing the boundaries of conventional aesthetics. Enjoy!