High Design

Inside a Glass House with Breathtaking Views of Lake Michigan

Chicago-based architect and author of "The Meaningful Modern Home: Soulful Architecture and Interiors" Celeste Robbins invites us inside her remarkable home nestled along the shores of Lake Michigan. Celeste's love affair with this mid-century gem, originally crafted by architect Winston Elting in 1956, began at first sight. This picturesque abode, perched above the tranquil waters of Lake Michigan, boasts expansive floor-to-ceiling glass windows that frame breathtaking views. For her weekend retreat, Celeste opted for subtle cosmetic enhancements while also optimizing the kitchen and primary bath layouts. Remaining faithful to the home’s original design ethos was important for Celeste, who allowed the existing materials and color palette of her natural surroundings to guide the overall aesthetic. Enjoy!

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