High Design

Inside a Gorgeous Virginia Home with a 3-Story Closet

Sassy Jones Founder Charis Jones and her husband, Keon, take us inside their 12,000 sq ft home with a 3-story closet in Virginia.

Built from the ground up, Charis and Keon Jones' 12,000 square foot home boasts luxurious features like a three-story closet, his and hers garages, and a private movie theater. But it's the decor that truly dazzles, with Charis infusing each room with her signature "troho" flair—a bold blend of tropical and Bahamian influences.

With her background in fashion design, Charis transformed their home into a vibrant expression of style and sophistication. From bold colors to dazzling finishes, every corner exudes an air of opulence and elegance. Yet, behind this extravagant lifestyle lies a remarkable story of resilience and determination.

Just months after welcoming twin boys, Charis embarked on a mission to introduce Sassy Jones—a brand dedicated to empowering women through fashion—to the world. With inventory in the trunk and an unwavering dream, she journeyed over 30,000 miles across America, spreading a message of confidence and empowerment. Today, Sassy Jones stands as a multi-million dollar enterprise, celebrated for its unique jewelry, audacious ready-to-wear women's clothes, beauty products, and accessories. Enjoy!