High Design

Inside a Modern Ranch Home in Dallas, Texas

Interior designer and architect Gonzalo Bueno takes us inside his incredible 1960s Ranch home in Dallas, Texas.

Originally commissioned by the city for the archbishop of Dallas, Gonzalo’s home has undergone a remarkable transformation over the past 15 years. Inside, the eclectic mix of materials is a testament to Bueno's innovative approach. Grass cloth wallpaper, brass panels, and bronze mirrors converge to create an atmosphere that breathes life into every corner. The interior is a canvas where modernity intertwines with Mexican and Asian influences, showcasing a curated selection of artwork that tells a story of passion and history.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the home is the personal art collection displayed throughout. Gonzalo, who acquired his first piece of art at the age of 14, has adorned the space with treasures from his journey, each item resonating with memories and cultural richness. The home becomes a living gallery, a testament to Bueno's lifelong love affair with art and design.