High Design

Inside a Moody Colonial Home in Los Angeles, California

Interior designer Jenn Feldman takes us inside her stunning colonial home in Los Angeles, California.

Jenn's journey with her beautiful 1937’s colonial home in Los Angeles began with the allure of a project. It was the perfect blank canvas for her vision, and Jenn was up for the challenge of renovating an older home without sacrificing its timeless charm – a delicate balancing act.

One of the hallmarks of Jenn's design philosophy is the harmonious blend of masculine and feminine energies. She’s effortlessly combined rich colors and intricate layering to create a home that resonates with both strength and grace. Considering herself as an emotional designer, Jenn places immense importance on the feelings a space evokes and the authenticity it exudes. She shares her transformative approach to design, breathing new life into vintage pieces by reframing, reupholstering, or applying an artistic touch with a stroke of paint.