High Design

Inside a Timeless and Traditional Georgia Home

Terri Matthews Woodall, a serial entrepreneur, and her husband Lee, a former NFL player, give us a tour of their spectacular 12,000 sq foot home in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Known as the "healing house," this home isn't just a haven for the Woodalls; it's a sanctuary they openly share with those in need of rest and refuge. For Terri, who grew up homeless and faced challenging adversities, this residence is more than bricks and mortar—it's a testament to resilience and an embodiment of stability.

Originally built by the previous owner to serve others, the Woodalls have continued this legacy, transforming their home into a welcoming space—a true revolving door of hospitality and community. Despite its grand scale, Terri and Lee have artfully crafted an atmosphere of warmth by incorporating intentional design elements and repurposing items. Each room narrates a compelling story – timeless and traditional decor seamlessly blend the old with the new, creating a unique tapestry that epitomizes resilience, warmth, and a commitment to making a meaningful impact in the lives of others. Enjoy!