High Design

Inside an Eclectic Home in Birmingham, Alabama

Architect Paul Bates takes us inside his beautifully collected home in Birmingham, Alabama.

Paul's serendipitous journey to his dream home began with an enchanting encounter during a leisurely drive. Fate, it seemed, smiled upon him and his husband, Nashmi, when the opportunity to make this home their own materialized on the market half a year later. Built in the late 1920’s, the house beckoned for a complete renovation, necessitating even the removal of its original hardwood flooring due to termite-induced damage. Its rooms were shrouded in darkness, exuding an icy ambiance bereft of any allure or warmth.

Since then, Paul has completely transformed the house into an airy and inviting sanctuary. In the realm of design, Paul's approach takes an eclectic yet poised path, channeling a timeless elegance that resonates throughout the entire space. His abode bears the hallmark of a true aficionado of craftsmanship and woodwork, a testament to his penchant for custom-designed furnishings, Danish pottery, and an eclectic array of artworks, salvaged treasures from flea markets, and treasured mementos from beloved friends and family. Enjoy!