City Living

Inside Chef Romilly Newman’s Gorgeous New York City Home

Chef and food stylist Romilly Newman takes us inside her beautiful New York City apartment. Her home beautifully intertwines old-world charm intertwines with inherited family treasures, creating an intimate and timeless atmosphere. Romantically lit by candles and candelabras, each space exudes a cozy elegance, complemented by a small kitchen bursting with flavorful creations presented on vintage plates and Tiffany glassware.

Romilly's curated apartment embraces lightness and airiness, showcasing a collection of artwork from her uncle and meaningful gifts from her brothers. With a love for items that reveal age and patina, every piece contributes to a harmonious design that reflects her layered and cozy aesthetic. Each corner of her apartment tells a unique story, creating a space where history and personal connection seamlessly coexist. Enjoy!