High Design

London Chapel Transforms into a Gorgeous Home

Michal Silver, creative director of Christopher Farr Cloth, takes us inside her gorgeous home, a former chapel, in London.

Become charmed by Michal Silver’s London home, nestled on the edge of Chelsea—a former chapel with a rich history that echoes with the melodies of the 1960s and 70s. This captivating home, once a recording studio frequented by The Rolling Stones, has now been transformed by Michal into a harmonious blend of past and present.

As the Creative Director of Christopher Farr Cloth, Michal brings her extensive background in the fashion and textile industries, having spent around 15 years in New York, to curate a home that seamlessly merges functionality with a cathedral-like ambiance. The open-concept design of the space allows for energy to flow organically, capturing the essence of its historical roots.

A key feature of this home is its stunning stained glass windows, casting vibrant hues throughout the interior. Michal's design philosophy, rooted in a "less is more" approach, manifests in a decor that is both minimalistic and rich in texture and color. The space itself dictates the design choices, creating an atmosphere that feels both serene and purposeful.

Michal's unique approach to color, influenced by Bauhaus principles, adds a structural dimension to her home. Each hue is carefully selected to define and delineate various areas, contributing to the overall architectural harmony. Drawing inspiration from art history, Michal infuses her living space with a timeless aesthetic, creating a visual narrative that transcends contemporary trends. Enjoy!