High Design

Step Inside a Bold All-Black Home in San Francisco

Designer Alison Damonte welcomes us inside her unapologetically bold and playful home in San Francisco.

Alison and her husband’s renovation process came to an abrupt halt one Christmas morning when they awoke to a fire engulfing much of their home. Instead of despairing, the couple turned this devastating event into an opportunity for reinvention.

Alison’s home has been thoughtfully designed as a "gallery house," featuring spacious, open areas and expansive walls, perfect for showcasing her ever-evolving collections. For Alison, this space serves as a canvas for design exploration and a place to challenge her own imagination. Despite the anonymity of its black exterior, the home is a vibrant, fearless reflection of Alison's unique style. It's a treasure trove of disco balls, Italian mid-century architecture, contemporary art, and bursts of vivid, saturated colors.