High Design

Step Inside a Maximalist Bungalow in Atlanta

Interior designer Amber Guyton brings us inside her stunning home, a new build bungalow nestled in one of Atlanta’s historic neighborhoods. Amber’s home serves as a testament to her distinctive style and dedication to creating beautiful spaces. Having lived in this home for 2.5 years, she has transformed it into a personalized masterpiece, infusing it with color, texture, and patterns that echo her maximalist aesthetic.

As the creative force behind The Blessed Little Bungalow, Amber’s mission revolves around crafting spaces that radiate beauty while remaining budget-friendly – a principle she effortlessly brings to life within the walls of her own home. Amber's love affair with the color purple takes center stage, with lavender hues delicately woven into each space. Despite her maximalist approach, she strives to ensure that her home remains not only visually stunning but also approachable and livable. The result is a harmonious blend of opulence and warmth – a true reflection of Amber's design philosophy.