High Design

Step Inside a Modern Los Angeles Villa with a Private Nightclub

James Williams and Jonno Burden invite us inside their post-modernist villa nestled in the heart of Beachwood Canyon.

James Williams, the managing partner at furniture brand Atra, and Jonno Burden, a tech salesman and musician, found themselves captivated by this architectural gem when they relocated from London to San Francisco and eventually settled in Los Angeles in 2020. While initially seeking a Spanish-style home, they were swept off their feet by the unique charm of this angular wonder.

As you step through the doors, you'll be greeted by polished concrete floors and angled walls that pay homage to the home's distinctive design. Every corner of this minimalist haven is meticulously curated to blend comfort seamlessly with contemporary aesthetics, offering a lifestyle tailored to the modern dweller.

A highlight of the tour is their personal sanctuary, "El Tiempos," an intimate nightclub nestled within the confines of their home. The decor exudes sophistication, with sleek furnishings and opulent accents enhancing the villa's chic ambiance.