High Design

Step Inside a Moody Home in Coral Gables, Florida

Architect and designer Natalia Miyar welcomes us inside her enchanting home in Coral Gables, Florida.

Natalia was determined to transform her historic home, built in 1926 by architect Robert Laiud, into the most authentic version of itself when she acquired the property just three years ago. The architectural style, a mesmerizing blend of Italianate revival with thick walls and textured finishes, sets the stage for Natalia’s emphasis on contextual design – delicate florals and ceramic bowls reminiscent of shark teeth serve as a nod towards the home’s tropical surroundings.

Having grown up in Mexico, Natalia's personal touch infuses every corner of the home. Original architectural features provide a nostalgic backdrop as she layers and textures spaces with a masterful mix of compositions and period styles. The color palette dances between greens and blues, creating a serene atmosphere that beckons tranquility. Yet, when Natalia first walked through the door, the house told a different story. Molding and millwork clashed with the intended aesthetic, prompting her to embark on a journey of cosmetic updates that seamlessly meld the past with the present. The result is a home that authentically reflects her passion for design—a captivating expression of everything she loves. Enjoy!