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A Cape Cod Home Decorated for the Holidays

Stephenie and Chase Watts, interior designers and founders of a boutique stay collection, take us on a tour of their historic home on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

After an unexpected twist of fate, highschool sweethearts Chase and Stephenie Watts found themselves completely captivated by the magic of this historic home on Cape Cod. Built in the 1600’s, the home was once a Quaker meeting place before transforming into a classic three-quarter cape in the 1800’s. Since then, it has been beautifully restored to echo the classic style that resonates with the Watt’s sophisticated taste. It not only serves as their family home, but also as the muse that ignited their passion for design and boutique stays in historic settings.

Inside you’ll find the authentic beauty of the original black and white checkered floors, a nod to the historical significance of this dwelling. The couple's keen eye for detail is evident in their curated collection of antique books, coastal-inspired coral, and shells – each piece sourced from Facebook marketplace, local antique shops, or quaint bookstores. As lovers of all things classic and timeless, Stephenie and Chase share their favorite renovation tips and tricks, revealing the secret behind their success in preserving and restoring historic homes. The Watts family graciously opens the doors to their American Traditional-inspired haven, offering a glimpse into the heart of Cape Cod's rich history and the couple's unwavering dedication to sharing the beauty of historic homes with the world. Enjoy!


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