Photography: Sarah Winchester
Holiday Homes

Holiday Magic Inside a Gut-Renovated New England Home

Interior and fine arts photographer Sarah Winchester takes us inside her stunning Massachusetts home that is decked for the holidays.

Sarah and her husband purchased their traditional Foursquare home in Chestnut Hill nearly 11 years ago. In need of TLC, Sarah and her family lived through numerous renovations to transform their forever home into a haven of warmth and timeless charm. Owning an older home in New England, Sarah and her family feel a profound sense of stewardship – acting as the custodians until the torch is passed to the next generation.

This unique home boasts a harmonious blend of Southern and New England styles, reflecting Sarah's roots in Georgia. The fusion of these influences creates an inviting atmosphere, where tradition meets modernity. As an interiors and fine arts photographer, Sarah infuses her home with a neutral palette that serves as a serene backdrop. Yet, she masterfully introduces pops of color through her own captivating photographs and the delightful artwork of her children. Each room tells a story, narrated through the lens of Sarah's artistic vision, creating a home that is both inviting and visually stunning.

Meet Magnolia, Sarah's feline companion and the muse behind the festive spirit that envelops the Winchester residence during the holiday season. With multiple Christmas trees, ornate garlands, and an array of seasonal embellishments, the house transforms into a winter wonderland, capturing the essence of joy and celebration. Enjoy!