Holiday Homes

Inside Linda Vater’s Storybook Cottage Filled with Holiday Spirit

Garden designer, stylist and content creator Linda Vater welcomes us inside her “Cottage on the Hill” in Oklahoma City. For Linda, living in this historic neighborhood is akin to stepping into a Norman Rockwell painting, where every corner exudes a storybook charm.

Step inside, and you'll discover an elegant and classic interior that beautifully combines Linda's passion for gardening, her husband's love for archaeology and anthropology, and the rich tapestry of her family's travels. Linda's strong belief in repurposing items imbues character throughout each space, as many of the decor pieces have been cherished for years. As the holiday season approaches, Linda's cottage transforms into a festive wonderland. With a penchant for creativity, Linda embraces a new theme each year, weaving a magical narrative that transcends from gift wrap to ornaments. The result is a holiday haven where every element is thoughtfully curated to create a cohesive and visually stunning experience. Enjoy!


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