DIY Decor

A Cozy Home in Utah with Vintage Finds and DIYs

Step into the enchanting 100 year-old Craftsman home of content creator and interior decorator Sara Charlesworth.

After moving into her father-in-law’s former 1913 home in Salt Lake City, Sara transformed it into a charming haven for her family. With a palette of soft colors, intricate patterns, and tactile textures, she has masterfully woven together elements of English design with a whimsical flair, creating a space that is both inviting and delightfully unexpected.

Sara's furniture and accent pieces blur the lines between vintage and contemporary, each telling its own story and adding to the home's timeless feel. From the tiled fireplace to the low-hanging chandeliers, Sara takes us through some of the DIYs that make the space uniquely hers. Enjoy!