DIY Decor

Step Inside a Cheerful Home in Dallas, Texas

Interior designer Carrie Henderson is not one to shy away from a design challenge. Upon first setting eyes on her Dallas home, she instantly recognized its potential to become the perfect haven for her four children and her passion for hospitality. She completely transformed the exterior of the home to represent a Georgian style, and seamlessly wove in traditional elements that imbue the home with a sense of ageless character.

Carrie’s design style, dubbed as "grandmillennial-meets-modern," unfolds in a kaleidoscope of stylistic nuances throughout every room. Vibrant bursts of color pay homage to her vibrant Miami roots, while lacquered and marbled finishes serve as an elegant canvas for her use of modern elements. Carrie shares her best DIY tips, from building bespoke furniture pieces to upscaling estates finds, that are beautifully displayed throughout her home. Enjoy!