Vintage Vibes

Inside New York Times Bestselling Author Anna Kloots’ Gorgeous Paris Apartment

In the wake of an unexpected divorce, Anna Kloots found solace and self-discovery in designing her dream apartment, a space she fondly describes as “grandma meets Barbie dream house.” This charming home is a delightful reflection of Anna’s eclectic style and vibrant personality. As we step inside, prepare to be captivated by whimsical decor and bold pops of color that breathe life into every room. Each corner is thoughtfully curated with sentimental items inherited from her family, adding a deeply personal touch.

Anna’s apartment is a treasure trove of vintage decor, much of it sourced from local French markets, lending an authentic Parisian flair. This is more than just a home; it’s Anna’s canvas for creativity and a sanctuary where her love for Paris and her unique style converge beautifully.