Historic Homes

A Beautifully Gut-Renovated Georgian Home Overlooking the Sea in Kent, England

Interior designer Sophie Rowell takes us inside her historic home in Folkestone, Kent that she lovingly renovated in just 18 weeks.

Seven years ago, Sophie embarked on a bold endeavor, acquiring this four-story historic Georgian home. What ensued was nothing short of a labor of love — in a mere 18 weeks, Sophie breathed new life into the home, adorning its halls with an exquisite tapestry of timeless patterns and prints. The result is an ensemble of spaces bathed in a muted palette, where every hue whispers tales of tranquility and warmth. The essence of Sophie's personality dances across each room—a playful interplay of dynamism and sophistication.

As the visionary force behind Côte de Folk, Sophie's design ethos is a symphony of rich layers, heritage nuances, and environments that beckon the soul. Her illustrious career as an Art Director and Fashion Stylist spanning over two decades served as a prelude to this chapter, where her passion for interiors found its truest expression.